Here are some of the projects I have worked on as a game designer, contributor or scholar.

Digital games can all be played on Windows platforms if not otherwise specified.

Smart Sharks

Global Game Jam 2017

A prototype card game created during the very first Global Game Jam event in Cagliari. It is intended for 3 to 6 players, and involves a asymmetrical gameplay that enforces competition between players.

Download (printable prototype) | Page on the GGJ site


Indie Speed Run 2014

A digital prototype made in 48hrs during the second Indie Speed Run event. It experiments with game design tropes to explore the concept of afterlife in modern games.

Download | Page on the ISR site

Dungeon & (maybe) Dragons


A prototype board game created as an experimental implementation of computational elements in analog ludic experiences. Through a digital application the game involves procedural generation of content.

Special thanks to the co-author of this game, Jean-Luc Portelli, for hosting the files on his website.

Download | Game analysis

The Bad (and Ugly) Game


A digital prototype I made as a final assignment in a game design and prototyping course. It analyzes the urge to complete games, so abused nowadays.

Disclaimer – the game is designed (on purpose) so that it can be only closed with alt+f4

Download | Game analysis