Thoughts: Alto’s Adventure

Let’s inaugurate this blog with a bunch of words about a little (yet brilliant) gem I recently found in the Play Store; let’s talk about Alto’s Adventure.

After playing this endless runner about a snowboarding llama hoarder – yup, it sounds odd at first – for a while, my mind was definitely set: Alto’s Adventure is a masterpiece of design, simplicity, built for entertaining you without any hard feeling. Everything is there to put you at ease, starting from its simple design, with a landscape colored using a pastel palette, to its reassuring background music and sound effects.

The gameplay itself is made for tranquillity: you’ll need just one finger to tap and jump or hold to backflip, no harsh decisions to make, zero roughness. Most of the time you will have the chance to admire the panorama while Alto slides on his snowboard from mountain to mountain. And when you do, when you take a moment to realize how good this game looks and feel, something new will happen: day will become night, rain will quietly come down from the cloudy sky, a forest will replace the snowy landscape, and so on.

Alto's Adventure 1

(Alto’s amazing art style)

Strangely enough, one of the recurring thoughts while playing Alto’s is how much some details remind me of other games. Stuff that could not be logically related to it, but still comes to my mind. It feels like a good idea to mention them, for the sake of creating connections between things, implement inspiration, keep track of my thoughts: Mountain, Guru Quest, Journey, and of course one of my favorite movies, The Emperor’s New Groove.

So maybe it’s because Alto’s Adventure puts llamas and snowboarding together, or because it offers a relaxing and not compulsive gaming experience, but I liked it a lot. Although it is a free to play (you can download it for iOS, Android, and Kindle Fire), monetization comes from micro-transactions, unnecessary for you to enjoy the game, and not-invasive advertising. Since game devs have to eat – mostly noodles, I’ve heard – I see nothing bad with it, and truly recommend to give it a try.

Here you can find more infos about Alto’s Adventure and have a preview of its awesome design.


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